The most vibrant and valued individuals are those who embrace learning - a team with open, inquisitive minds can power a business without barriers.

At Bee Ethical Active Training and Development we know how transformational engaged and inspired teams can be for achieving your business goals. In this fast evolving world that has seen unprecedented work challenges, investing into the growth of people is at the top of many organisations’ agendas. 

By placing training and coaching at the core of your business you ensure high achievement whether teams are operating from your company offices or in remote environments. Our tailored solutions are your ethical roadmap to a future of improved performance and increased productivity.

Team Lead – Adrienne Haylett, Training and Compliance Manager
Adrienne has over 25 years’ experience in the design and delivery of leadership development programmes. Her genuine communication skills have led to long-term success in building strong client relationships in a wide variety of industry sectors. Adrienne is passionate about enhancing the knowledge and skills of people and creates a supportive environment for them to learn.

See below for the range of courses we are running at this time. Please take your pick - and contact us with any questions. Thank you.

Coaching for managers

Coaching conversations are an important way to turn experiences into learning. Through coaching you can help people become more self-aware. You can reinforce strengths and explore challenges. You can also help people take responsibility for their actions and their development. Designed for managers who are new to coaching or have little experience, and managers wanting to update their coaching skills.

Digital marketing made easy - how your charity can win online

This popular course is designed primarily for small to medium sized charities to help them make a successful transition into the online arena. This module unlocks the secrets to content creation, audience engagement, and proven advertising strategies that deliver record breaking returns on investment. 

Introduction to project management

The ability to mange projects is a vital skill for all managers. This module is about understanding projects, developing project plans, and ensuring projects achieve objectives. You will learn the knowledge and skills required to successfully manage projects and how to control and monitor through the delivery phase.

Principles of management and leadership

Equipping yourself with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to manage and lead in a variety of organisational settings is essential if an individual, and an organisation, are to succeed. This module has been designed for leaders who want to gain greater self-awareness and identify ways they can maximise their personal effectiveness as a manger and leader.

Leading teams and individuals

When individuals and teams are managed well, organisations thrive and employee engagement increases. This module equips managers with a theoretical and practical understanding of the approaches to leading and managing individuals and teams effectively. You will adapt your leadership style to different circumstances and people.

Managing change

We are constantly adapting to the world around us and change is inevitable if we want out organisation to maintain its competitiveness. As a manager you may be asked to identify opportunities for change, or to plan and implement a change process to achieve expected outcomes. During this module you will be introduced to process models for managing change and how to motivate people through the change process.

Face-to-face fundraising workshop

To introduce a new standard in face-to-face fundraising through a one day workshop that is the first in the country to be recognised by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) – a professional stamp of approval charities can depend on.