Let the team at Bee Ethical Active lead your face-to-face fundraising campaigns, helping you raise more, for less.

Bee Ethical Active’s highly trained professional fundraisers complement our online marketing and sales strategists – reaching out to people who may be hard to connect with on digital platforms, or those who are brand aware but feel unsure about making online transactions.
Bee Ethical Active is proud to continue the ground-breaking cost per conversion pioneered by Bee Ethical.
We know your supporters expect you to deliver the very best value when investing their donations and we can guarantee your investment will go further by helping you raise more, for less.

To provide our partners with even more security in these challenging times, we operate a supporter guarantee that de-risks your investment into growth. If the donors we recruit for you don’t remain active in the initial months, we’ll return your money.

“Bee Ethical Active’s vision was shaped through engaging with charities and understanding the challenges many were facing. It was clear from our research that leaders needed their investment into fundraising to go further and we’ve risen to that challenge. Achieving more, for less, is about working smarter in a collaborative way with a common goal – to deliver maximum impact for those in need."

Recruiting quality donors that remain long term supporters is at the heart of our business culture – our teams will analyse conversion data and target the people who are most likely to give to your cause.

Building loyalty

When a donor pledges, they immediately become part of a supporter community and Bee Ethical Active offers a range of communications that maximises engagement and minimises attrition. From telephone welcomes to regular online communications, maintaining a deep relationship can lead to long term support, upgraded support, or a reactivation of giving.


Our analysis tools provide dashboards that interpret performance and conversion demographics in real-time – insights that can be used to accelerate sales and reduce drop-offs.

Creative design

Eye-catching assets – booths and stands, hand-outs, video messaging, loyalty magazines – can be critical in the donor journey from conversion to securing long term relationships. Our editorial and design team will work with you to bring your vision to life.


Our fundraisers understand the trust placed in them to be the face of our partner charities when engaging with the public. Your reputation, our reputation, depends on the high standards set through our training techniques, recruitment policies, and daily performance monitoring.

Detailed reporting

Understanding how your investment is performing at any given time is essential for a charity – all partners have a dedicated project leader to provide regular data and analytics on a daily/weekly basis allowing you to plan your future fundraising activities.

Achieve more, for less - we can help you deliver maximum impact for those you support.