Bee Independent

Bee Ethical's revolutionary lottery model created one of the UK's largest single charity lotteries - could yours be the next success story?

Bee Ethical is structured to meet the needs of the whole of the Third Sector and we have expertise in the management and fast track growth of single cause lotteries.
Our software is customisable, allowing you to launch a lottery to your personal specifications, whether that’s around frequency of draw or cost per entry.
As your External Lottery Manager (ELM) we’ll provide you with data and analytics that will give you an invaluable insight into player behaviour and trends – this will direct your decision-making and marketing strategy.
Bee Ethical’s platform has been updated for 2023 and is designed to meet the key challenges charities face in a fast-moving world.

Bee Migrated

If you already have an existing lottery with an ELM and would like to migrate your lottery to a Bee Ethical Lottery Solution, we can make that transition seamless and risk-free.

By moving to our latest platform, you will have a suite of options that will enhance your performance and put you fully in control.
In addition to our lottery management service, as an official partner, you can also reach out to our lottery marketing teams that are setting the standard in player acquisition and retention. We’ll offer promotional advice and support as your trusted ELM. 

Bespoke lottery marketing packages are also available for those causes with limited internal marketing resource who wish to invest in growth.

Bee-Ethical is committed to changing the face of traditional fundraising – we’re here to help shape your future