Bee Ethical’s digital team creates high impact campaigns that deliver market-leading returns on investment.

For many charities, the online sales and marketing journey begins by creating an advert – a video or graphic – backing it with an ad budget, and then sending it into a target group as defined by Facebook, YouTube, Google or Instagram. 

This approach can frequently lead to poor performance and wasted investment. Sound familiar?
If you’ve tried online marketing in this way and it has failed, or you are ready to investigate online for the first time, we can help you transform your results and build your confidence in growing digital.

At Bee Ethical, we consistently deliver the best returns on investment in the Third Sector. We’re proud to be different.

Bee Ethical consistently boast the highest social media engagement in the Third Sector and this is the foundation for high returns.
Before trying to convert online donors, your first commitment is to build large communities that are motivated, passionate and engaged with your brand. 
Recruiting high volumes of warm leads into the top of your charity conversion funnel can only be achieved by consistently broadcasting high quality content backed by a pledge from your team to engage with your new audience.  

When you build a charitable lottery advert, fundraising promotion, or legacy creative and serve it into a highly engaged audience the result can be remarkable.
If you want to learn how to improve your digital performance or would like Bee Ethical to launch campaigns on your behalf, please reach out to us.

Entertain and engage at the top of the funnel and you create a revenue runway for the future.