Bee Ethical has expertise in branding, creative content and fundraising.

For some partners we’ve helped to create the initial vision of the charity and supported the journey from concept, through to launch, and on to becoming an established source of funding for life-changing projects. Whatever service you require, Bee Ethical can support you in your journey.

Rather than trying to join the dots between multiple suppliers which can lead to higher cost and poorer results, we’ll work with you to build the complete picture.

Case Study

The Veterans’ Foundation charity was launched in late 2016 with the ambition of growing into a source of funding for the many hundreds of smaller military charities that frequently face financial difficulties.

The vision of creating a grant hub capable of having a large scale impact across the sector was a project Bee Ethical believed in, and to help accelerate the Veterans’ Foundation work, Bee Ethical pledged £350,000 into the project. 

Bee Ethical developed a growth strategy for the Veterans’ Foundation focusing on brand awareness through social media channels. After building a trusted audience, Bee Ethical developed a range of fundraising initiatives and in late 2016 launched the Veterans’ Lottery.

The Veterans’ Lottery is now the single biggest individual charitable lottery in Britain raising almost £1m per month. It has provided grant aid to more than 350 charities and organisations. It is changing lives and saving lives.

The Veterans’ Foundation consistently boasts the highest social media engagement in the Third Sector and continues to grow its brand reach and revenues. Growth is achieved from online strategy (Bee Ethical) and through direct sales activities (Bee Ethical Active).

"The generosity of Bee Ethical provided the Veterans' Foundation with the opportunity to grow and to quickly establish itself as a vital source of funding for many charities and organisations that provide support for the military family in need. The rapid growth - even through lockdown when so many charities were struggling to survive and latterly during the cost of living crisis - is testament to Bee Ethical's marketing insight and commitment to making the world a better place."


Bee-Ethical is committed to changing the face of traditional fundraising – we’re here to help shape your future.