Customer Relationship Management

Maintaining a relationship with your lottery players or donors is vitally important.

Making a personable call to your supporters is an extremely efficient way of cultivating good relationships, whilst also increasing the lifetime value (LTV) of their support.

Your supporter journey should involve human interaction to ensure maximum impact, so we offer four different types of calls which will help you increase the retention of your supporters and in turn, your income.
It’s important that any new supporter understands how much they are appreciated and are aware of the impact that their contribution will have. A well-timed, genuine welcome call achieves this. Everyone understands the value of supporter engagement, and this is a fantastic step in ensuring you get this off to a good start.
These campaigns consist of calling previous supporters whose payments have lapsed. These can run all-year-round or we can carry out short-term campaigns.

There are many reasons why a supporter’s payment can lapse. Calling them to provide them with an update can be an excellent way to bring them back on board and provide you with a cost-effective acquisition channel.

Calling current supporters can be an efficient route to increasing income. Providing them with an update on current projects or campaigns and then making an ask can be effective. Asking those lottery players who currently have one entry if they could increase that to two, or asking donors to increase their monthly donations can have an instant impact on income, whilst also improving and adding to your engagement strategy.
Providing your supporters with a personable, human thank you goes a long way. There is clear evidence which shows making an attrition management call improves the LTV of your supporters. This is also an opportunity to provide them with an update and highlight the importance of their contribution.

Take the first steps to a better relationship with your supporters - we're here to help