Digital Marketing for Charities – easy steps to transform your online revenues using our PACE strategy

Module aim

It is essential charities embrace online marketing to build relationships and nurture a vibrant donor funnel, but for many smaller organisations with limited resources navigating the digital world can be very confusing.

Which platform should I use? What kind of messaging? How much do I spend? What tactics?

This module finally lifts the lid a remarkable real life story that has seen Bee Ethical’s online teams launch a new charity and fast-track it into a growing organisation with a £10m-plus annual turnover.

The online project was achieved through a global pandemic using a social media strategy called P.A.C.E – a strategy all charities can learn from and utilise in their day-to-day marketing and growth.

Who should attend?

Anyone who works in small to medium sized charities tasked with understanding proven online tactics that deliver for the Third Sector.


1 day

Learning outcomes

Learners will be able to:

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