Video marketing: a gateway to lottery growth

If you strive to succeed in the fiercely competitive world of digital content marketing then it’s vital to embrace the unrivalled potential of video.

There’s no hiding from the fact that video has become a staple in the lives of users across the globe.

It’s inevitably a channel that’s standing head and shoulders above the others in terms of reach, engagement and profitability.

Our fast-paced lives and the rapid evolution of the world’s technology has resulted in the shortening of our collective attention span.

Therefore, as marketeers we need our content to ‘stop the scroll’ and instantly connect with our audience.

This is where digital marketing video content reigns supreme and we have consistently made videos that have raised in excess of £1m for good causes through huge lottery sales.

According to many industry experts viewers retain 85% of a message when it’s presented in a well thought out video compared to 10% when read in text.

Mind-blowing statistics like these demand attention and emphasizes the fact that brands and businesses need to take immediate action.

Video creates experiences that are memorable, moving and inspiring, and develops relationships with the user.

These experiences and relationships present great opportunities for those who understand the importance of video as a strategy.

They help drive vital metrics such as awareness, consideration, advocacy and last but certainly not least…sales. 

Video can transform the ROI of your lottery ads

According to recent surveys 87% of marketeers have reported impressive ROI when using video in their content strategy.

The popularity of this medium continues to rise across all social media platforms and it isn’t just TiKTok, with all its eggs in this particular basket.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all host video and now offer game-changing opportunities for brands who cut through the noise with content designed to grab the attention of potential customers in seconds.

This is perfectly emphasized in the recent development of intuitive ways to share short-form videos which are commonly known as ‘shorts’ or ‘stories.’ – a vital route to market when mobile users can scroll through up to 91 metres of content in a single day.

The competition for eyes on our content has never been so fierce.

But brands who know how to harness the power of video have the upper hand. 

Great content has shareability and social media algorithms are designed to recognise those who drive interaction and engagement with the ability to reach much bigger audiences. Viral videos have the potential to reach millions of people in minutes.

There are many companies and marketeers out there who are put off by the price of video production.

It can be expensive, but there are some key points for you to consider if you think producing quality video is out of your reach.

When it comes to video, authentic is better than corporate

You don’t need a Netflix-style production in order to connect and instantly convey your message and communicate brand values. Authentic is better than corporate.

Affordable cameras offer great quality these days and some of the most recent success stories in terms of reach and engagement have come from videos created by big brands using mobile devices.

It’s never been easier or more cost-effective to create game-changing video.

Success with digital marketing video content isn’t down to how slick and polished it looks or how much budget has been invested.

It’s about impact, connection, relatability and how well you know your audience.

If you’re in tune with what makes your people tick you can take them on a journey where they feel engaged and nurtured. 

You’re then set on a path for success where rich rewards are there for the taking.

If you’d like to discover more about how to maximise video for charity lottery and fundraising, reach out, we’re here to help. Email for the latest on our services and training.