The BeeSMART way to supercharge your fundraising revenue

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.
The important thing is not to stop questioning.

It’s been a challenging few years for the third sector. Battered and bruised from Covid, it has staggered out of survival mode straight into a cost of living crisis.

Charities have merged, some have sadly closed their doors, and many have transformed their working practices in a bid to slash costs.

And the storm clouds aren’t clearing quickly enough.

But often in the most testing of times comes the biggest thinking, the most radical of debates.

Conversations that were once difficult to have become centre stage.

Lotteries are the superhero of fundraising and when many traditional fundraising falters (research claims that donations dropped by £5bn last year) the desire to help and the chance to ‘win’ remains buoyant.

It’s never been more crucial your existing lottery is relevant and the best it can be.

Or, if you’re going to launch a new lottery or raffle, it’s vital you make the right choice.

So, how do we get it right?

You need a future-proof lottery that’s going to return enough funds today and tomorrow. 

And we believe that’s no longer the traditional £1 model that has been so successful for years.

The £1 ticket is the difficult conversation that’s moving centre stage.

The harsh reality is £1 simply isn’t worth what it once was. Bills are soaring and donations are nose-diving; so why not get more from your charitable gaming – the most resilient revenue driver in your toolbox?

That’s why we built BeeSMART… to revolutionise your charity revenue.

BeeSMART is a £10 per month lottery platform that’s free for your charitable organisation to sign up to; a platform that offers great prizes; a lottery that’s easy to use and understand.

We’ve been using the £10 per month model for charity lottery since 2016 and the results have been remarkable. More revenue to change lives, more money to re-invest in growth, less draws to worry about. 

BeeSMART is the multi-cause lottery platform of the future.

Click on the video below and Emily will explain more about how BeeSMART can make a real difference to your charity, or discover more here.