FIVE reasons why your charity needs to launch a lottery in 2024 – don’t miss out!

Why an incentivised-giving strategy is easy to achieve and will deliver year after year…

They are a shield of steel for your funding – even through Covid and the cost-of-living crisis, our partners enjoyed fantastic revenue growth and very low attrition. The chance to ‘win and support’ keeps people engaged for longer.

Every charity needs revenue streams that deliver year after year especially when, according to the latest studies, charitable donations are down across the UK. Lottery revenues are also unrestricted which means you can use them for any purpose you wish.

When you join an existing platform that funds prizes and does the player management for you, it makes things easy. Within weeks you can have your own branded lottery up and running and marketed to your supporter base. No hassle, no extra work, and achievable for any size charitable organisation.

A lot of organisations still rely on a £1 a week model but when your charity plugs into our software, you’ll launch a £10 per month lottery. This maximises the amount you earn per draw whilst minimising the ‘gambling’ element of the process (12 draws per year is similar to the frequency of a raffle). 

And that’s not all… we’ll give every player you sign up a gift! Free membership to the Gourmet Society worth £34.99 – a benefit which entitles them to big savings on meals, hotels, trips to theme parks, pizza delivery and cinema tickets! It’s a win-win for everyone.

Just direct your supporters to your branded and personalised lottery landing page on the BeeSMART platform and the £10 direct debit is instantly set up. Plus, our new BeeSMART app can be downloaded to any tablets your charity might own. This means your volunteers can instantly sign up lottery players at any events you may attend.

This added marketing benefit will boost your lottery growth as you’re reaching out to new people.

A thriving lottery is a thriving community. Share your charity’s amazing real life stories and impact with your lottery community and you’ll grow engagement and additional revenues. Players recruited into our lotteries have pledged over £4.5m in legacies and donated hundreds of thousands.

Email for the latest on our services and training – we’re here to help you maximise your incentivised-giving campaigns.