It’s Advantage Meta: New AI serves 50% off lottery ads

Things are moving at a pace for Lottery Ads on the Meta platforms.

Since Christmas 2021’s ‘Meta meltdown’ – caused by Apple’s privacy update – Facebook and Instagram have been on a road to recovery.

Return on investment from lottery adverts has radically improved as the algorithm rediscovers its mojo.

For some time, the magic of Meta turned to misery, with ads struggling to find people with ‘live intent’.

Live intent is that magical part of the ad process when you are instantly served an advert directly linked to the topic you’re searching for. 

Supercharged social media advertising equals Live intent and Meta is navigating the choppy seas caused by Apple. 

But we’re seeing much more than improved targeting, Meta rolls out new functionality on a weekly basis.

Advantage: Lottery Ads

One update to the Ads Manager is Advantage+.

This new setting sees the advertiser place all faith in AI.

Traditionally when setting your lottery advert on Facebook and Instagram, you would have to consider the ‘layering”. In other words, what target age group; location by region; behaviours and interests; and placement of adverts.

The high art of layering is a skill honed by hundreds of hours of testing, but with the launch of Advantage+ you simply upload your creative and everything is decided for you. 

And the automation goes further.

You can also give permission for the algorithm to try different ads from your portfolio to establish the most effective creative from the back catalogue.

As with every Meta development, it is key to have an open mind and commit to testing and trialling.

Here at Bee Ethical we’ve diverted some daily budget from our ‘discovery pot’ – the money we’re happy to bet with – to ensure the business remains on the social media marketing learning curve.

Where’s the evidence?

So far, our initial Advantage+ trials have seen some amazing performances. 

It’s too early to get the bunting up and party, but some lottery ads have seen CPAs slashed by 50%. 

Remember, it is always essential to test and trial. Put aside a percentage of budget to make big learnings that could be transformational for your lottery & fundraising activities.

Advantage+ looks like it could be a winning formula provided your creatives and offer is inspiring.

If you need any advice on executing this Meta update, feel free to drop us a line, we’re always here to help.