Content Creation​

Video is a crucial tool for charities when inspiring their audience. The power of video to tell your story and to deliver donors is unrivalled.


Bee Ethical has created hundreds of videos with compelling narratives that have delivered over £20million in revenue and built deep donor relationships. And we can help you unlock your charity’s potential through video.

Some charities might be nervous about investing in videography having previously dipped their toe in the water only for it to lead to disappointment.

The truth is videography is a critical part of the conversion funnel and builds brand awareness and trust.

Our experience shows that consumers respond to a varied diet. Relationships can be formed, and donors acquired, with a range of solutions.

Creating the right edit and investing in its reach and performance is often a stumbling block for charities – the Third Sector is littered with good video production that has barely been viewed because the creative team failed to connect with digital marketing strategists.

We won’t let you make that mistake.

We’ll walk you through concept and storyboarding to delivering final edit and then provide you with the tools that will ensure your work is broadcast to large, targeted audiences.  

Successful videography takes many formats – tutorials will often advise on short 30 second messages – our experience is consumers respond to a varied diet and relationships can be formed, and donors acquired, with a range of solutions.

Bee Ethical’s creative team has its roots in national media where delivering content that has maximum impact leading to higher magazine and newspaper sales, or increased viewing figures, is a prerequisite.

We are schooled in turning heads and making creatives that sparkle and that consumer insight has delivered remarkable results in the Third Sector where seasoned fundraisers sometimes benefit from an alternative lens.

Whether you require fundraising stands and gazebos that are point of sale magnets; social media assets; or email newsletter communications that are opened (and clicked), the team at Bee Ethical will collaborate with you to deliver a creative solution that embraces your values.

Celebrating your charity’s performance and sharing it with stakeholders and members of the public is an important part of your activity – your Annual Report is your flagship publication.

We’ll help you produce the report that’s right for your charity’s DNA whether that’s digital delivery or a traditional print publication.

This year Bee Ethical has been evolving the annual report model taking the headlines to new audiences through videography. This consumable ‘documentary’ solution will broadcast the amazing work charities deliver in an innovative format reaching thousands of people who may dismiss traditional report formats.

Bee-Ethical is committed to changing the face of traditional fundraising – we’re here to help shape your future.